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Sep. 21st, 2007

(no subject)

I was thinking recently that I missed school them reading all these stressed out posts I laugh! Im going to Europe in 3 months suckers and your stressing about having class assignments!
sorry y happy dance is over!!! lol xoxo

Jul. 18th, 2007


You know what is a disconcerning feeling, seeing pics of your boyfriend with his ex girlfriend when they were together on his mom's facebook. I actually feel a little sick. I don't know why, kinda makes ya feel like you have something to live up to and something to prove. Trust me not a nice feeling, Rather kinda blah right now. :( but meh. What can you do. I don't think my hearts ever really sank before. that is until now at least. Werid feeling really, Especially werid because he looked so happy, and smiley and not how he does when hes around me. I don't know Im probably reading into this wayyy to much. But with here now messaging him on FB again and then the pics, and then him all happy like I really don't know how to feel. Don't wanna talk to him about it though because I know it's unwarrented but just some general concerns.

Jul. 15th, 2007


So last night was Roger Waters. Whoopie! Amazing show, will up load video and pics to Facebook eventually. 
Didn't get much sleep on account of my brain being stupid and pulling random fears out of my head and placing me in dreams I didn't want happening and well here goes the explaination of why Im a nervous wreck this morning. 

Im also so tired I can't keep my eyes open for more than 5 minutes. And All I wanna do is sleep. but that won't happen. Unless I accidentally fall asleep. Off I go to stew over my dream and maybe sleep who knows

Jul. 10th, 2007


Julymo friends Im no longing aiming for 50k Im going for 30k. With work and stuff it's just really hard. Wish me luck

Jul. 2nd, 2007


Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
428 / 50,000
Not bad for starting 15 minutes ago. I have a lot to catch up on though, to the writing lab Batman To reach said goal, I have to write 1613 words per day, today I must write double that because I am a day behind. Shouldn't be too hard considering I have 11 hours at work to dedicate to this. It's only 292 words per hour.Im well on ma way.. haha..


Yes I'm doing Julymo, No I haven't started, I will probably fail. But thats okay

Did a hole bunch of stuff this weekend some of which consisted of having the cops called on us. No worries though. Anyway, don't feel like writing actually. 

Jun. 25th, 2007

Some musings

So, should probably inform all of you, along with the world, I'm almost 100% positive I'm having the best summer of my life. Just in general nothing overly special, only finding the one person that understands me, who cares about me, and who wants to share life with me, okay I should stop before I get all overly emotional and stuff. 

Also feel kinda bad, stood a girl up who was supposed to train me for a new job in guelph painting, that I'm not taking because it's not enough money and now I feel like a horrible person. At the same time... Im over it. Oh well, makes life simple, Im also blowing off another training day for another job because they aren't going to pay me enough, wonderful life really. Haha, oh man I emailed both people about not taking the job I hate the phone, I also have to call my land lord today, well the future one, and let him know I can't live in the house and that he should find someone else. With the hole travelling out west not a good plan to keep the house and all that. 

Off I go to be somewhat merry and very tired

Jun. 24th, 2007

(no subject)

Productive weekend, if you want to call getting drunk, consemating a relationship, three times, and working a shortened day at work productive! Because I sure do. Lol. No in all seriousness. This weekend was awesome. Hung out with Drew for the Majority of the weekend, which was awesome resorted to the whole next step. It was nice. And by nice I mean the best thing I've ever experienced, man how I have missed meaningful sex. It's so much better than anything else out there. Okay Im done except, when I was sick last week, he bought me three Blue long stem roses. Fav haha needless to say hes amazing okay sdon't wanna type anymore ciao

Jun. 20th, 2007

Am I going to turn green

I want to write. Man do I ever, but I think the meds are affecting me somewhat, and I can't form a coherant sentence, dear god I should not be at work. Lyme disease you say. mmm, I wonder if it will go away eventually. Well I know it will be when, I ask you When!? Oh this is frustrating as hell. :(

Jun. 13th, 2007

(no subject)

I said something tonight I can't take back. I won't take it back, Im scared and I don't  know where to go from here. I've never felt like this.

thats all I have to say. I've said enough. more than enough

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